BMW | X5 (E53) | Android 8.0 | Octa Core | 4GB RAM & 32GB ROM

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10.25” Android 8.0 Multimedia Receiver GPS Navigation System


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10.25” Android 8.0 Multimedia Receiver GPS Navigation System

Android 8.0 | Octa-Core | 4G RAM+32G ROM | OBD | 4G/WiFi | 4K | 16 : 9 | Screen Mirroring| SWC | 2XUSB | BT 5.0 | 4X45 Watt | GPS

Note: This unit doesn’t have a DVD drive.

•Get The Perfect System Integeration In Your BMW !
Our goal is to create a high-end system that exceeds all expectations a BMW owner may have with Carinc system.NOW,we have this exclisively designed new unit.
It matches the dashboard’s angle for a perfectly integrated appearance and smoothly integrates into your BMW dashboard.Now just clear up your dashboard with the all-new designed front panel.

•Applicable Models & Years
For BMW X5 E53 (1999-2006)
1. Please check whether there is a frame in the center console of your car, if there is, please remove the frame first to finish the installation.
2. Please note that if your radio harness is 17 pins and the 4 pins indicated are empty, this unit can NOT fit with your car.
3. Please check whether your car’s radio antenna port is in the car’s trunk, if it is, you need to order a radio antenna extension cable and an antenna adapter to finish the installation. (Carinc ANT001 and ICE/ACS/13-116 .are compatible)
4. Please check whether your car’s radio antenna port is the same as the picture and it is inside the console, if it is, you need to order a radio antenna adaptor to finish the installation. (Carinc ICE/ACS/ISOFZ are compatible)
5. If your car’s original radio is 4.3″ or 7″ screen with 12 pins plug, or you have the navigation drive located in the rear of your car, you need to order an extra 6m extension cable to aid for the installation. (Both Carinc EXL005 & EXL007 .are compatible).
6. If you car has fibre optic amplifier system like “Harman Kardon”, you need order a decorder to aid for the installation. (Carinc FOBB05 is compatible)
7. If there is DSP (Digital Sound Processing) button in your factory radio, or your car has digital sound system such as “Harman Kardon”,  you need to order a exrtension cable to aid for the installation. (Carinc EXL007 is compatible)

•10.25” High Definition Screen,Super Clear
The high-resolution display in a 1280×480 resolution with 10.25-inch screen diagonal adds a particularly high-quality touch to the interior of your vehicle. Now you can enjoy brilliant image quality with sharp display of all infotainment content.

•Top Performance Octa CPU with 64-bit Computing
The PT1853B-02’s CPU generates direct performance upgrade of speed improvement and power efficiency. Its chip clocked at max. 1.5 GHz, that means a drastically improved user experience on responsiveness and performance.
64Bit 8core 1.5GHz

•The Most Powerful Hardware
Do more with 4GB DDR3 RAM and 32GB ROM. The PT1853B-02 achieves ultra-fast running speeds with a smooth and efficient multi-task processing ability, satisfying even the most tech savvy users.

•Latest User Interface
The Carinc PT1853B-02 features a responsive, powerful and intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate and highly customizable.

•4K Video Player
With a high end technical implementation of video codecs in PT1853B-02, you can enjoy a silk-smooth playback of 4K (Ultra-HD) content on this PT1853B-02, just immerse yourself in vivid details when viewing high definition pictures or watching 4K videos.

•Max Out Entertainment In Your Journey
Screen Mirroring Function
Simply connect your phone via the USB port of the unit and open the EasyConnect application. Any content from either an Android or Apple iOS phone will then be mirrored onto the units screen for it to be displayed more safely and conveniently, on the bigger screen.
DAB+ Tuner Ready
With the optional DAB+ radio receiver stick, which connects via the USB port, you can enjoy audiophile-level sound quality and stronger digital audio broadcasting channels.
DAB+ radio receiver stick(Optional), Carinc USBDAB01 is compatible. Need it, inquire with us now!
Built-in Discrete Bluetooth Module, Less Interference
With a updated software and discrete Bluetooth module, The PT1853B-02 supports Bluetooth 5.0 version which ensure full compatibility with the latest phones.
Bluetooth Music
With a updated software and discrete bluetooth module,The PT1853B-02 support Bluetooth 5.0 version which ensure full compatibility with the latest phones.
3G/4G Module with Hotspot Function
Surf the Internet on the go with the Carinc dongles.You can access the internet by inserting a SIM card into the Carinc 4GDONG001 or 3GDONG008 and use it as a hotspot to connect the head unit, tablets and laptops in your vehicle.
Note: This unit is also compatible with 3G Internet. 4G & 3G dongle (Both are optional, Carinc 4GDONG001 and 3GDONG008 are compatible), need it, inquire with us now!
Built-in Wi-Fi
By connecting your mobile device’s hotspot, your head unit, tablets and other electronics within your vehicle can browse the internet whilst on the road.

•Keep Informed and Staying Safe
Steering Wheel Control
The Steering Wheel Control function allows for handsfree calling, control for switching songs and radio channels, and adjusting the volume. All operated with the convenience by using the buttons on your steering wheel. Stay safe and legal – keep your hands on the wheel.
Built-in GPS Receiver Module
Support Sygic, iGO, Waze and any other navigation software that is compatible with Android OS. Never worrying about getting lost now.
DVR Input Ready
The Carinc PT1853B-02 comes with a dedicated DVR input, making it simple to connect an Carinc DVR to the unit. Once setup, this feature can capture events that occur whilst driving, providing safety features such as collision footage.
Note: DVR is NOT included (Carinc DVR019S, DVR022, DVR023, DVR025 and DVR027 are compatible. Need it? Inquire with us now!)
OBD2, A Window for you to Diagnose your Cars status
With OBD2 function available on this unit, you can retrieve real-time data and trouble codes from your vehicles computer. All the data from your vehicle is presented in an easy to read format.
Note: OBD2 isn’t inclided (Carinc OBD02 is compatible). Need it, inquire with us now!

•Add More Exciting Features to Your Head Unit
1. DAB+
Enjoy the audiophile-level sound in your car
Monitors your tire pressure and temperature
A window for you to diagnose your car status
4. MIC
Makes the hands free Bluetooth easier and safer
Helps you record your journey on the road
Makes the input of information on this car stereo easily
Browse on the Internet with 3G/4G Dongle
Ensure the safety of your driving

Head Unit: 178*150*50mm
Face Panel: 286*128mm

1 x ISO Wiring Harness
1 x USB Cable
1 x GPS Antenna
1 x CANbus Box
1 x RCA Cables
8 x Screws
1 x Radio  Adapter Cable
2 x Fitting Kits
1 x User Manual